We turn your dreams
into reality,
Our team will turn
wrecked into a
dream car
Is there a work
to be done on your
classic car?

Welcome to the Camy s.r.o. 

Through our portfolio, we hope to show you the joy of bringing automotive history back to life. We specialize in the restoration of historical vehicles, primarily of European and U.S. design, as well as custom motorcycles. 


Pending projects

There are several restoration projects that are ready to begin soon.



Watch our process in real-time.


Completed projects

Check out our completed projects.


New photos added to gallery 

Updated on 14.01. 2022

 Volvo P1800 E 1971

 Work in progress


Updated on 21.01. 2022

Land Rover Defender 2011

 Work in progress


Selected projects

Jaguar E-type S1 roadster 1965

The E-Type was introduced as a rear-wheel drive grand tourer in two-seater coupé form (FHC or Fixed Head Coupé) and as a two-seater convertible “roadster” (OTS or Open Two Seater). 

A “2+2” four-seater version of the coupé, with a lengthened wheelbase, was released in 1966.  


The world of promising car designers

We are offering you a unique view to the world of promising car designers from Slovakia.

Their technical drawings capture bold lines and curves of possible development of automobile design. In a case, that some of the complicated technical solutions don`t give too much sense, don`t worry, they have clear explanations. 


 Just have o look at our gallery.