In addition to restoring vintage cars, we decided to add some wonderful collectibles to our collection that we think should not be missing in any guy’s garage. 

  • Manufacturer: Adast Czechoslovakia

  • Year of manufacture: 1965

  • Operator: Benzina

  • Color: red/white

  • Fuel type: diesel

  • Functionality: missing main pump

  • State of renovation: partial renovation

Gas pump Benzina 1965


This petrol stand came to us from the neighbouring Czech Republic from Brno. The renovation had already been started on the stand by the previous owner. It was completely disassembled and the internal parts were in several boxes. The main pump was missing, which we found out only later. The sheet metal parts had already been sandblasted, and were in pretty bad shape. The whole rack was completely warped, which you can also see in the photos. The large ticker was missing from the dial, as well as the rare front glass was missing (this glass is missing on almost every stand). The dial was worn, only in some  places you could see what was on it before. There was also an original tank nozzle with the stand.


Renovation is scheduled for december 2023.

A description of the renovation and photos will be added after the renovation (2024).

In the gallery you can see the original and later renovated condition made by us.