• Model: Cadillac Coupe DeVille – 3-th generation

  • Year  of manufacture: 1966

  • Manufacturer: Detroit Cadillac

  • Color: Black

  • Engine: V8 

  • Volume/output: 7030 cm3 /340 BHP 250,24 kW

  • Transmission: 3 Automatic Turbo Hydra-Matic

  • Wheels: spokes, braided

  • Interior: red leather, leatherette

  • Number of seats: 6

Cadillac Coupe DeVille 1966

State: Work in proggress – Full restoration


Our friend Ondrej (owner) of this beautiful car and a long-time fan of US Cars (already  owned 1975 Chevrolet Camaro, behind which he pulled his racing Formula Easter on a trailer) over the years owned and refurbished several beautiful US Cars. Abroad he collected winning cups, where the workshop performance was evaluated. The highlight of his collection was the 1976 Chevrolet El Camino modified as a Custom, the 1964 Chevrolet Impala Convertible modified as a lowrider, the 1973 Pontiac Trans Am modified as a 1105 PS compressor machine, the Lincoln Zephyr Scrape replica modified as a street rod.But his dream was one of the longest American cars, namely the Cadillac DeVille Coupe, not just because of its attractive dimensions, but also for its straight and clean design.In the USA, hobby enthusiasts like to convert it into “road jewels”, perfectly restored and designed.After a two-year search, however, he had the opportunity to buy it from Germany. Due to an attractive appearance, it is also popular in Europe, where several pieces have been imported  in the past.Its original owner has recently begun to renovate the so-called “Frame off restoration”, where the body was completely disassembled, separated from the frame, all treated with corrosion protection. He managed to adjust the chassis for air cushions “AIR SYSTEM”, but for family reasons (addition to the family-second child), decided to sell this model , since one of the other Cadillac DeVille 4 door model he just completed.

After the purchase and import, Ondrej decided to entrust the rebuilding process to our hands.

Planned modifications:

– manual removal of the original paint from the body and from all painted parts up to the bare sheet metal

– inspection, welding, knocking of all damaged body parts, rust treatment, body surface treatment

– professional painting of demanding black piano color

– the interior is planned completely in bright red leather with a “custom” design of the  seats stiching and upholstery

– dashboard will be modified by our own design

– we are refurbishing the original chrome parts, as the bumpers in particular have several “dings”, they will be knocked out, welded and re-chrome-plated

– the trim strips around the stainless steel windows and doors will be highly polished.

We will also rebuild the chassis, replace all steering joints,  axle pins, and replace the drum brakes with CPP disc kits. We will refurbish the air system and turn it into a remote control system.We will replace the wheels with all-chrome, five-spoke 22 “RIDLER brands with 265-30 / 22 tires at the front and 285-30 / 22 at the rear. The headlights will be replaced by RGB LEDs. In interior we will install 8 speakers with integrated blue hello-lights  of 1600 Watts, and there will be 2 subwoofer speakers with a power of 1600 Watts, all on 3 red backlit adequate amplifiers. We will install an alternator with a power of 250A and 2 high cold cranging amps car batteries. The engine, as it was recently refurbished by the previous owner will be “tuned” by a new tuned exhaust system, change some parts, but it is also planned to be replaced it next year with a modified LS engine with 600PS  with a new transmission, which is very popular today in such modifications in the US, because it is powerful, has modern electronic control and is all-aluminum.

You can watch progress of this  renovation, and finall outcome  in the gallery bellow.