• Model: R 107 Roadster

  • Year of manufacture: 1977

  • Manufacturer: Mercedes Benz

  • Color: black

  • Engine: V8

  • Volume/output: 4,5/160 kW

  • Transmission: automatic, 3 gears 

  • Wheels: cast aluminum

  • Interior: brown, leatherette

  • Number of seats: 2

Mercedes Benz 450 SL (1977)

State: Work in progress – full rebuild


The R107 was the third generation of the SL roadster. A team of designers led by Friedrich Geiger created a truly elegant and timeless body shape, characteristic curved turn signals on the front to the side of the body and rear lights with horizontal lining. This element was used in Mercedes for another 25 years.
Technical development was led by Hans Scherenberg and the project was not built on the foundations of a sedan, but it started all over again. The chassis with a closed tunnel for the installation of the gearbox had a floor frame with partitions and a body welded to it. The steel used in the production had well-thought-out deformation zones as in today’s cars. Mercedes-Benz has always relied on the safety of the crew in its vehicles. A reinforced windshield frame and reinforced pillars were designed for roadsters. The four-spoke steering wheel was equipped with a telescopic shaft and a head with polyurethane foam. The dashboard was also softened with foam. The fuel tank did not puncture in the event of an accident.
There was also a power steering and driving characteristics were superbly luxurious at the time of its creation. The vehicle did not lack stability even at speeds above 200 km / h.
The R107 and C107 were exported to the United States with 4.5-liter, low-compression V8 engines to meet stringent US emissions requirements, yet provided sufficient performance. Models sold from 1976 to 1979 used the Bosch K Jetronic system, a fully mechanical injection system. fuel. They were characterized by protruding bumpers required by American law. The 450 SL was produced until 1980.

Source: internet,wikipedia

Designed for the US market, the Mercedes Benz 450 SL is characterized by tacky bumpers required by US law. These have required tasteless modifications to many European cars.

Short story

“Across the generations”.

This project is not like the rest of them, just because it’s not about renovating the historic car, but it’s about modernising it. To beging with, first about people.  We will try to realise the imagination of two generations-father and son. Classic appearance and modern technique in one.

We’ll try to skip 26 years of development and build a car that’s gonna be beautiful, sporty, powerful, modern, easily controllable, and also a convertible.

As it regards to our progres and dilligence, we will inform you by words and pictures. 🙂 Most important is; that we are all excited.

The plan is as follows:
The Mercedes Benz SL 55 AMG year of manufacture 2003 is the most suitable source of components for us after long considerations, measurements and careful consideration.
This powerful  500 horses coupe is the most suitable for our project. The shape of its beams, the mounting of the front and rear axles, the dimensions of the components that we want to use for our project are the most compatible of all models.
The price of this model is high enough to take into account the greatest possible use of this “donor” of parts.
So far, we have managed to disassemble booth cars,measure and confirm what we expected.
The good news is that after an inspection and consultation with an electrician who confirmed to us the possibility of using the vast majority of electronics, which assured us that the choice of the AMG 55 model was the right one.


You can follow this journey down in the gallery. The photos are added on an ongoing basis.