In addition to restoring vintage cars, we decided to add some wonderful collectibles to our collection that we think should not be missing in any guy’s garage.


  • Model: Instep Fire and Rescue Engine No. 7 

  • Production year: 1960

  • Color: red

  • Type of drive: childrens force

  • Funcionality: working condition

  • Renovation state: without renovation

Firefighter pedal car


We managed to buy this pedal car in USA -Pearisburg/Virginia. The car was in this condition as you can see in the pictures. It has a very nice chrome bell design on the front hood, with a lanyard tied to it for ringing in a crisis situation. The paint is scuffed in places, but that hasn’t detracted from its beauty. Rust can also be seen on the chrome parts. The car is missing 2 wooden ladders that were originally attached to the sides. Of course, we still plan to get these ladders so that the car will be fully ready for its service life.



As I mentioned before, renovation is not planned as we like its condition. Only the ladders will be added and the front black windshield frame will be straightened.

You can see some photos in the gallery.