In addition to restoring vintage cars, we decided to add some wonderful collectibles to our collection that we think should not be missing in any guy’s garage. 

  • Manufacturer: Tonhaizer & CO Wien

  • Year of manufacture: 1960

  • Type: Star 87

  • Operator: Elan

  • Color: red-white

  • Fuel type: diesel, petrol

  • Functionality: fully functional

  • State of renovation: partial renovation

Gas pump ELAN


We managed to buy this pump stand in neighboring Austria. It was so interesting for us that even 6 hours of traveling there did not deter us from making this trip. The place of sale was a nice mountain village located in a ski resort. The stand was in its original condition, which made us very happy. The owner already owned several similar stands in the past, which he gradually sold off. This was said to be his last piece.

We thoroughly inspected the gas stand. On one side there was the inscription Gasoline and on the other Diesel 🙂 The side plates were partially dented and on one side you can also see the remains of the inscription of the operating company ELAN.  A pump nozle was also included with the stand, but we are not sure if it belongs to this stand.

We are already very much looking forward to this renovation, where we will return it to its former beauty.



A description of the renovation will be added later.

The renovation is planned for 2023.