In addition to restoring vintage cars, we decided to add some wonderful collectibles to our collection that we think should not be missing in any guy’s garage. 

  • Manufacturer: Tonhaizer &  Co Wien

  • Year of manufacture: 1964

  • Color: gray

  • Fuel type: gasoline

  • Functionality: fully functional

  • Renovation status: partial renovation (own design)

Gas pump "GULF" (own design)


We managed to buy this pump stand in the Czech Republic. This is the second piece in our collection. We were particularly interested in the old dial and the front opening door. After agreeing on the selling price, we went to pick it up. The price was quite reasonable, but unfortunately some parts were missing (original gun and side aluminum accessories). The front glass has already been replaced with plexiglass and the whole thing has been painted gray. The plan was to restore it to its original state, but unfortunately we couldn’t find any information about how it should look like. We found several identical pump stands on the Internet, but each one was already modified by its owner in his own style 🙂


In the end, we decided to give it our own style as well and decided on the Gulf brand design. This color combination is one of the most beautiful in motoring (in our opinion). We got the idea from a small metal Ford GT40 model that we have on display in the office. Therefore we used the design like on the car – competition number 6. typical orange line, the inscription Winner 68 and 69, etc.. For the inscriptions we used stickers, as they were on these racing vehicles. We clear-coated the stickers very well. Inside the gas station, we found a short metal lever with a wooden round end (used for pumping fuel), which we placed on the outside of the pump stand to imitate a transmission control lever. We had to knock out the sheet metal parts extensively, as they were quite crooked. The upper glass container was completely cleaned of fuel deposits that had flowed through it during all those years. Since we were missing the side aluminum parts, we sketch them and had them cut with a water jet. We sanded and polished the edges to get the right look. We returned the refueling gun to its original shine and added a spring.

 In the gallery, you can see the original and final renovated state by us.

If you are interested, we have also attached a short video – the beautification process (accelerated video).