• Year of manufacture: 1995

  • Manufacturer: Jaguar Co LTD GBR

  • Color: blue, dark

  • Engine: V12

  • Volume/output: 5993cm3 / 222 kW

  • Transmission: automatic/4 gears

  • Wheels: cast aluminium

  • Interior: blue, leather

  • Number of seats: 4

Jaguar XJS V12 1995

State: Completed project – Partial renovation
This limestone-coated jaguar came to us through our friend, who could not pay enough attention to him due to time constraints.
We took the car to our workshop and found that the scale builds up to 0.6 mm in some places.  We later learned from the owner that the car was parked for 8 years under a concrete overpass.  We agreed to restore him to the original state that belongs to his beauty.  Because we already have experience with a similar condition, we contacted an expert who mixed an acid compound that dissolved the scale but did not damage the varnish.  The condition of the paint was so good that we decided to keep the vast majority of parts in their original condition.  Only parts that were mechanically damaged by falling concrete were painted.
Of course, it was necessary to perform maintenance work and eliminate malfunctions of non-functioning components.
And after our intervention, painter’s and “bovlist’s”- ( sheet metal overlap repair specialist ), below in the gallery you can see the success of our collaboration.
Renovation was completted.

The photos are added on an ongoing basis.