•  Model: Wrangler  XJ

  •  Year of manufacture: 1995 

  •   Manufacturer: Jeep Wrangler

  • Color: blue /change color

  • Engine: 4 cylinder 

  • Volume/output: 2464cm³/ 90 kW

  • Transmission: manual/4 gears 

  • Wheels: aluminum 

  • Interior: black, leatherette

  • Number of seats: 4

Jeep Wrangler 1995

 State: Completed project – partial renovation

“An American legend”, that’s what you could call the Jeep XJ Wrangler. This particular one came to us as a challenge to build a “fun car” for the whole family. Probably all of us have seen young people driving this car around beaches, forests and deserts all over the world. The Wrangler has been in production for several generations, and that gives us the space to realize ourselves almost without limitation and to use components of the current trend. Our project will be used mainly in the summer and therefore mainly in the cabrio version. The modern flat base color in combination with the black accessories should give it a bit of elegance. We try to highlight the style with a shade of gold and differentiate ourselves from pastel or military colors. The large wheels and modern lights give it a contemporary look. Too bad the 2500 cm³ is a bit weak. We’ll solve that in round two by replacing it with the 4000cm³ inline 6-cylinder used in the Jeep Grand Cherokee. And that’ll be a ride that’s more appropriate for this type of car. We hope that you will be interested in our efforts and that you will enjoy seeing “our creation”.

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