• Model: Defender

  • Year of manufacture: 2011

  • Manufacturer: Land Rover Group LTD GBR

  • Color: white

  • Engine: 4-cylinder

  • Volume/output: 2402cm3 / 90 kW

  • Transmission: manual-6 gears

  • Wheels: cast aluminum

  • Interior: black, leatherette

  • Number of seats: 7

Land Rover Defender 2011

State: Work in progress – Partial renovation

The owner of the vehicle approached us on the recommendation of our common friend, to whom we have already modified a similar project in the past.

After mutual consultation, we decided to turn the utility vehicle into a car with a modern design suitable for skiing, hunting or family trips. In addition to a fundamental change of color from “white to black”, we will change the whole interior (carpets, seats, ceiling, …) as well as the exterior. Starting with the wheels, through accessories, to the winch, roof rack, etc.
Even lights will go through significant change, we will replace them with modern LEDs. This is not a complete, but a partial renovation of the vehicle.
At the beginning of this project, we thoroughly inspected Defender and after agreement with the owner we took this vehicle to an environment in which it feels at home. It was an old quarry, forest and stream, simply beautiful nature where Defender was made for it.

Restoration was completted in 2022

You can follow this journey down in the gallery. The photos are added on an ongoing basis.