In addition to restoring vintage cars, we decided to add some wonderful collectibles to our collection that we think should not be missing in any guy’s garage.


  • Model: Murray Fire batallion No.1 Chief Truck

  • Production year: 1950

  • Color: red was the original color

  • Renovation state:  AS IS-just as founded

  • Functionality: working condition

  • Type of drive: children’s force 

Pedal car (firefighter)

Our love for cars and motoring is born in our early childhood. I don’t know any of my peers who didn’t desire for a pedal car as a little boy. In the era in which we grew up, only a “chosen ones”  managed to achieve this goal. The price was high and only few parents could afford it on their poor salary.

And the selection was also very poor. Moskvich of the 1st series and Moskvich of the 2nd series. Only the model from the “west” showed up sometimes.

The situation has not changed much with getting older. There are fewer and fewer pedal cars and prices are rising rapidly. Procurement options have just changed. Today, we can have models from all over the world, and that is why we decided to start collecting models in their original condition to gradually introduce them to you on our website. (and maybe also at various events such as car shows,…)

We hope to please you with our “fun time” and at least for a moment we will return to the days when we were carefree boys.