• Model: Grand Prix Model J

  • Year of manufacture: 1969

  • Manufacturer: Pontiac (General Motors)

  • Color: Expresso brown metallic

  • Engine: OHV V8

  • Volume/output: 6,6cm3 / 261 kW

  • Transmission: automatic/3 gears

  • Wheels: steel

  • Interierior: brown, leatherette, 

  • Number of seats: 4

Pontiac Grand Prix 1969

Status: Completed project – preparation of MOT


In the case of this Pontiac, the case is that OLD cars should drive on the roads as often as possible, so that they are NOT FORGOTTEN.

Not quite perfect condition and problems with legislation brought a customer to us, to whom we promised that we would do everything in our power and possibilities so that his Grand Prix could travel legally and safely on the road. The goal was clear – to prepare the vehicle for MOT.

After a few weeks of welding, grinding, spraying, resealing, polishing, hand made upholstery, etc. …, we officially went through the MOT and after assigning the license plate, we took it to the streets for the first time.

This “American boat” has made us happy and we hope that its owner will share the same feeling.                                                                                                                                                                                                                The photos are added on an ongoing basis.