• Year of manufacture: 1967

  • Manufacturer: Porsche AG Stuttgart, Deutschland

  • Color: Cremeweiss, biege (color change)

  • Engine: boxer, 4-cylinder

  • Volume/output: 1 582cm3 / 66 kW

  • Transmission: manual/4 gears

  • Wheels: cast aluminum

  • Interior: black, leatherette

  • Number of seats: 4

Porsche 912 (1967)


State: Work in progress – Partial renovation 


The Porsche 912 is the 911’s smaller brother, but only in performance. It doesn’t detract from its looks.
As it is often the case with Porsches, the owner got it through a beetle (the dream of every student our age). Later came a replica 356, also on a Beetle chassis, and as you might expect, the story doesn’t end there, because next in line for the collection came a 924. Generally, there are never enough Porsches, and we’re already at our 912.
Porsche is a family “disease” that “affected” the family of the owner of this car.
After searching European classifieds and a couple of setbacks, after a quick negotiation and agreement, the owner decided to travel from the evening to the morning to Belgium.
You can see that everything turned out well in the photos.

Now it is up to us, after our intervention, to make this nice car not only a good investment, but also a thing that will convey beautiful moments for two generations. After all, what could bring a father and son together more than a Porsche?  ūüôā

The photos are added on an ongoing basis.
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