• Producer: Parsons Co. Detroit, Michigan

  • Name: Irish Mail Cart 

  • Year of production: 1930/1940 

  • Color: original red

  • Drive type: child power (manual drive)

  • Functionality: fully operational

  • Renovation status: no renovation

Irish Mail Cart "pedal car"


This interesting “pedal” car became the first in our collection. We bought it through an advertising portal in the USA back in 2020. The price of these toys goes up every year, but we managed to get it for a fairly reasonable amount. We were delighted to find out that the car was in completely original condition, which made us very happy. Its seat is even sliding, which allows us to customize it for different ages. So we couldn’t resist this great opportunity and immediately had to try it out. We “honestly” lined up, one after the other, waiting for that moment that took us back to our carefree childhood days for a while. 

What can I tell you? It was the indescribable joy, laughter, and excitement what we were experiencing at that very moment. 

The smiles on our faces said it all 🙂

We built similar machines as kids from old boards, we got the wheels from baby carriages from somewhere. And then we headed up the highest hill in the area for an amazing adventure.

The little car is in the pedal car class, even though it’s powered by hand power and steered with your feet.


We have decided not to refurbish it as the car is in original condition and has the original sticker.

If you’re interested in the article, you can see some pictures in the gallery.