In addition to restoring vintage cars, we decided to add some wonderful collectibles to our collection that we think should not be missing in any guy’s garage. 

  • Manufacturer: Schwelm-Strager Gmbh Wien

  • Year of manufacture: 1959

  • Operator: Shell

  • Color: brown

  • Fuel type: diesel

  • Functionality: fully functional

  • State of renovation: partial renovation


Gas pump Shell


This petrol pump came to us from the neighbouring Austria, from the small town of Steyr. The seller owner had a plan to renovate it in the future, but along with other stands he has in his collection, he didn’t get to it until today, so he decided to sell it. He was very willing to show us his extensive collection of old oil cans, fuel racks, old enamel signs, etc.

The rack came to him already in this brown unappealing color that had been “artistically” applied. Fortunately, there were no sheet metal parts missing from it, nor was the tank nozzle. All the aluminum accessories were in place, they had just been chewed off over time.


Our mission? To give this old rack new life! First we needed to construct a base with wheels to make it easy to handle. Interior parts we treded only slightly.  Yellow and red colour appealed to us, it creates an amazing contrast. On the front of the stand  is a red sticker with the famous Shell logo. We carefully varnished this and with a fine sanding we achieved the desired smoothness. All the aluminium parts were polished and we even decided to return the old rubber hose – its faithful companion to the stand. And the result? Our job is done and this little beauty is now not only functional, but also charming!

In the gallery you can see the original and renovated state.

If you’re interested in this little gas pump, you can also see the beautification process captured in a short video.

shell_pred shell_po